VMR Electronics Corporation is a market leader for design and innovative solutions for cable assembly products.  The company is located in a 187,000 square foot newly remodelled LEAN engineering and manufacturing facility in upstate New York, including a separate 22,000 square foot facility for Customer Proprietary production.

The company offers state-of-the-art application engineering and prototyping as well as full-scale manufacturing, providing military and private sector customers with solutions to tough environmental, EMI, phase matched radar applications.  Utilizing high level LEAN Initiatives and best in the industry automation equipment, VMR provides rapid transition to low-cost, robust cable assemblies.

The vision of VMR’s founders has been to provide excellent application design and production manufacturing of cable assembly products for the electronics interconnect industry.  Its commitment to providing on-time delivery of defect-free cable assemblies has been very successful.  Further expansion included the acquisition of equipment and experienced personnel to begin the manufacturing of printed circuit board products.  In addition, VMR has developed a full line automated capability to provide application design, manufacturing assembly and testing for the full spectrum of fibre-optic, robust cable assemblies.

VMR has developed two very unique products which have provided solutions to some particularly tough environmental cabling problems.  Iditarod® is a field-repairable, extreme lowest loss in the industry, high pull strength coax cable suitable for nearly any environment.  RESCU™ is an EMI-Filtered cable assembly which is perfect for applications where high levels of electromagnetic induction can cause degraded signal in regular cables.

VMR has earned a reputation as a technology innovator with the ability to respond with design solutions in timely manner.  VMR has the capability to provide products from design to high volume production, and the equipment to support these opportunities.  VMR also has the skill to support low volume, high mix of products. This is a unique talent to support both business models.

Some of VMR’s many cabling platforms include: M1A2 Abrams Tank, Stryker, FAASV Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle, Bradley, M88, Paladin, M-ATV, IED Jammer protection, E.W. applications on fixed wing, rotor and UAV’s, active protection system for vehicles, missile defense, communication systems, UAV sensor system, UAV imaging, BFT, FBCB2, and the new JLTV vehicle.

VMR is dedicated to ongoing employee education, training, and growth, employing a full team of certified trainers to facilitate cross-training for our manufacturing capabilities.  VMR offers manufacturing, chemical, electrical, quality and industrial engineering capability with CAD design.

VMR provides complete application design engineering support with the capability to back this up with complete in-house testing to prove performance factors critical to support the platform.

VMR Electronics